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KCK-trial against 46 lawyers, 28th of june 2016

Gemeinsame Erklärung der Internationalen Prozessbeobachtungsdelegation vom 28.06.2016
Report/ KCK-trial against 46 lawyers, 28th of june 2016
19. chamber of
ağir ceza mahkemesi‹

During a 90 minutes session the lawyers claimed the following applications:
  • taking the files of ongoing procedures against judges and procurators who were involved in the kck-procedure before
  • waiting for the decision of the constitutional court concerning the question of the constitutionality of continuing this procedure before a different court (‹law Nr. 6526‹) in the  parallel procedure against journalists (3. chamber)
  • reconsider again all the evidence (repeat the proof recording): testimony, proofs,..
The court accepted the first two demands. Conclusions: One of the most important principles of criminal procedure is the right of the accused to have an independant judge that remains the same during all the procedure from the hearing to the judgment. Today again the court ignored this principle and refused to repeat the proof recording. This court wants to decide the case without having taken any evidence itself. There were though two encouring aspects for the local collegues:
The court accepted its obligation to wait for the constitutional decision and to take it into account for the final judgement.
The courts decided to accept the inclusion of the files of the procedures against judges and procurators. This is very important and could be read even as a positive step concerning the transparency of this trial. It should be remarked that the prosecutor was not ready to hold his final speech. This might be interpreted in a way that the court wanted to avoid a final decision today. We remain vigilant and mobilized. Istanbul, 2016-6-28 Conseil national des Barreaux (France)
Observatoire International des Avocat en danger (OIAD, France)
Conférence de bâtonniers du Grand Ouest (France)
Défense sans frontières - avocats solidaires DSF-AS (France)
Institut de droit de l'homme de Grenoble (IDH, France)
Institut de droit de l'homme de Montepellier (France)
Lawyers for lawyers (NL)
European Lawyer Association for Democracy and Human Rights (ELDM - Barbara Spinelli, Bologna, Italia)
DAV (Deutscher Anwaltverein, Deutschland)
RAV (Republikanischer Anwältinnen- und Anwälteverein e.V., Deutschland)
Vereinigung Berliner Strafverteidiger e.V. (Deutschland)
Weitere Hintergrundinformationen:
Prozessbeobachtungsberichte vom 22. und 28.6.2016  durcht RAV und Vereinigung Berliner Strafverteidiger